Pornhub Restorating Early Adult Films

vintage porn remastered

Pornhub, the world’s biggest porn streaming site announced a project to preserve, restore and colorize some of the oldest adult entertainment films in existence. The company will use advanced AI technology for its »Remastured« editions of these early artifacts of porn culture.

In cooperation with the studio, Espada Santacruz and the creative agency Office & Gentleman Pornhub will launch a series of restored early erotic films called »Remastured«.

A representative for the streaming giant promised: »Viewers are transported back in time to experience century-old erotic films featuring voluptuous Victorians and silent seducers in titillating technicolor with ‘The Remastured Film Library’« He said the Pornhub is using »machine learning and over 100,000 adult videos and images from its library to colorize vintage porn for today’s modern audience.«

While there have been many projects in film restoration, most famously billionaire’s Ted Turner’s misguided colorizing project of black and white classics, no one ever bothered to launch a big project to preserve adult films. And the technological possibilities today have become much more sophisticated since Turner’s failed attempt.

Pornhub said »Since the moment someone figured out how to record moving images, people have been making adult movies. We thought it was important to not only preserve but modernize these films, and we are very excited to include this selection of artfully restored vintage material in our library, allowing users to indulge in old-school erotica from a bygone era.«

Among the restorative techniques used on the erotic classics were contrasting, sharpening, and noise reduction. For the colorizing, the company used a deep learning technology creating an authentic and consistent feel for the movies. Additionally, the frame rate of the films was boosted to 60 frames per second thereby gaining the possibility to offer a 4K resolution. The flickering was reduced and the audio remastered.

According to Pornhub, its »Remastured Film Library« for now consists of 20 restored scenes that have been produced between the 1890s to the 1940s. The specially designed website features stunning imagery created by, among others, early film legends like George Méliès and Thomas Edison.

While the company is getting a lot of bad press lately, the preservation of these early artifacts of erotic movie art is far from being the only venture the company is pursuing to sponsor the cultural aspects of adult entertainment. Aside from partnerships with an art gallery in Los Angeles and the Museum of Sex in New York City, Pornhub also streamed the critically-acclaimed documentary »Shakedown« by Leilah Weinraub, a movie telling the story of a Black-owned lesbian stripper club in Los Angeles.

If you want to know more about Pornhub’s »Remastured Library« click here.



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