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Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Matt Mullenweg

The CEO Of Tumblr Is Attacking Credit Card Companies Anti-Porn-Crusade

Tumblr's CEO published a blog post last week to explain why in his view the internet has become a difficult territory for porn and...

Free Speech Coalition Now On OnlyFans

In an attempt to reach performers, models and creators that don't know about the Free Speech Coalition, the special interest group created its own...
Why Free Speech matters

The FSC Has Published An Op-Ed In Defense Of Abortion Rights

After the US Supreme Court ended the nationwide right to abortion by overturning Roe v Wade, a decade long consens saying that women have...
polizei India

Indian Authorities Are Raiding Cellphones In Search For Porn

Indian authorities are beginning to search citizens' cell phones for pornographic content. Police in the state of Gujarat are now apparently even stopping passers-by...
Tim Valenti

Tim Valenti Elected As President Of The FSC

After a brief interim period, Alison Boden is stepping down as leader of the influential industry association Free Speech Coalition (FSC). Former president Tim...

Stripchat Offering Help To Performers In Ukraine

The VENUS exhibitor Stripchat is supporting its cam performers in the Ukraine, who are suffering as a result of Russia's aggressive war A total...
XHamster Nachrichten

Will Germany Ban xHamster For Good?

The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) of the German media authorities has ordered the blocking of the popular online...
Schwartz im Porno bereich

Award Recognition For Documentary On Being Black In Porn

A documentary about racism and blackness in the porn business is currently causing a stir. The film is being celebrated at several film festivals,...
Boris Johnson having tea

Boris Johnson Tries To Censor Reddit & Twitter

While various attempts to introduce mandatory age checks for adult content on the Internet in the UK have failed several times due to legal...
Rocco Siffredi

Watch Out Berlusconi: Rocco Siffredi For President?

Italy's government is in turmoil - again. And Silvio Berlusconi, the populist media tycoon who governed the country four times and is in constant...