Netflix Plans Series On Rocco Siffredi’s Life

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A drama series telling the story of the pornstar Rocco Siffredi is currently being in production in Rome. It will be released by Netflix sometime next year. The streaming giant already offers a documentary about the Italian stallion who visited VENUS Berlin a few years ago.

Netflix is currently developing a new series about the life and career of Italian superstar Rocco Siffredi. The series will be called »Supersex« and is created and written by the feminist showrunner Francesca Manieri. According to Netflix’s info it will tell Rocco’s life story from childhood to his early steps in adult entertainment.

The series will be directed by Matteo Rovere, Francesco Carrozzini and Francesca Mazzoleni. Adriano Giannini and Saul Nanni as well as Jasmine Trinca will star in the seven-episode-arc.

Showrunner Francesca Manieri told Variety in an interview, »Supersex is the story of a man who takes seven episodes and 350 minutes to say ‘I love you,’ to accept that the demon in his body is compatible with love. To do this, he must expose the only part of him that we have never seen: his soul.«

She added, »Supersex talks about our present, Supersex talks about us. What does it mean to be a male? Are we still able to reconcile sexuality and affectivity? These are the questions that, like a kaleidoscope, open up before us as we immerse ourselves in his incredible life until we lose our breath.«

Rocco Siffredi also commented about the project. He said, »On the first of September they start [production] and they will finish end of February. They start the first part from my childhood and then they move on when I start in the business until I meet my wife. So that means all the Paris time, when I start, all the business from the ’80s and ’90s. … They go from when I was 8 years old til ’94 when I met my wife. Pretty interesting, but the whole story is based on my life. Some of the things are a little bit romanced. Like they build up some new stories to make interesting, more different but it’s based on my life.«

He added, »What is going through my mind is I’m very pleased. I’m very proud. If I think about 38 years ago when I started that they would make a series on me, no, I wouldn’t put one fucking penny out of there. I can tell you working on real passion and real loyalty to the work, loyalty to what you’re doing, not doing it just because you are paid in the end, pays.«

Siffredi seems to be sympathetic to the idea of telling his life starting with his early beginnings, »Another thing I can tell you is the beginning of my career was not always easy. Society make you feel you always do something wrong. Most of the people always point finger towards you saying what you do is not good. I remember my first movies in America you have units, different movie units can’t work with straight movie because they do porn. Also technical people, same problem. To me that was terrible to see this difference – like you know you come from porn so you are not good person.«

The Italian Stallion knows that society’s views on porn have changed to a more favorable perspective, even though several rightwing and religious activists’ groups try to change that again. Siffredi continued, »And then nowadays where everybody watch porn … porn is the most click and watch the thing in internet, so in the whole world that show me we were right. We were right because people need to understand how they built with sexuality. We help a lot of people – a million, billion of people. That’s what I know.«

About the potential impact the series about his life might have on the public perception of porn, Siffredi thinks, »To me that’s very good for the whole industry that they start to make series on people like us. Of course I feel pleased because it seems I did something which stayed there and people love it. But I think it’s going to be good for the business, good for the future that media, big media recognize also this. I think this is incredible. It’s really nice, basically.«

According to Netflix the series will be published in 2023.


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