Svakom’s Project To Help Sub-Saharan Africa With Fresh Water

Uganda needs help

The US sex toy developer Svakom decided to commit itself to help the NGO »Drop in the Bucket« in sponsoring the construction of water and sanitation facilities at schools and communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Now a new well has been drilled and can be operated to provide fresh water to a health center in Northern Uganda.

Svakom’s initiative to helo Drop in the Bucket with water and sanitation projects in Sub-Saharan Africa has reached a first big milestone. A spokesperson for the company said: »After months of overcoming the restrictions during the pandemic,« one of the projects could become active and provide water to a health center. »With its own source of clean water, the staff of the Alim Health Center II can spend more time focusing on their patients and no longer have to waste hours fetching water.«

He added: »It’s refreshing to see Svakom give back to society by helping those who are in need and by making a positive impact around the world, which is a huge part of the brand’s deeply embedded philosophy.«

Before the new water source became available, Imelda Amoding, a health assistant at Alim Health Center II, had to work with huge obstacles. Normally, her day began by making a half-mile trek to a borehole well. There, she would have to wait in line in the direct sun for hours to get water for the health center.

The Svakom representative said: »The health center is the first place that anyone in the surrounding communities will go if they suspect they may have COVID-19. She would make five-mile trips a day, in total, just to get the water necessary to keep the facility clean. The extra work would leave her exhausted and aching at the end of the day.«

Through Svakom’s investment, the health center will now be more efficient and cleaner so it can treat patients more successfully.

If you want to know more about Drop in the Bucket, click here. Additional information on VENUS Berlin exhibitor Svakom can be found on the company’s website.


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