Paxum To Be Sold – Founder Leaving the Industry

Octav Moise

After nearly 16 years at the helm, Octav Moise, CEO and owner of Paxum Inc. has announced his decision to sell the well-known payment processor along with its assets. The move coincides with Moise’s retirement from the industry.

Paxum was founded almost 16 years ago by Octav Moise. His main goal was to develop a robust payment processing platform specifically tailored to the unique needs of the adult industry. Over the years, Paxum has become a successful company that has facilitated financial transactions for numerous players in the adult entertainment industry.

Since its humble beginnings, Paxum has seen remarkable growth and has been able to establish itself as one of the most important payment processors. Now, however, Moise is pushing into new territory. He announced the sale of Paxum and his departure from the industry.

In a short statement, Moise expressed his gratitude for the past years in which he was able to lead Paxum’s development into a global payment platform. He emphasised that building strong, long-term relationships with clients has been a particular focus of his work.

In the future, Moise plans to work in the renewable energy sector and will bring his entrepreneurial expertise from his Paxum years to his new ventures.

For more information on Paxum, visit the company’s website.


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