Fun Factory Sponsoring Queer Podcast »Bad in Bed«

bad in bed podcast

German sex toy maker Fun Factory will sponsor the second season of the podcast series »Bad in Bed«. The series is hosted by Bobby Box and Gabrielle Kassel and focuses on inclusive and queer conversations about sex.

Podcasts have become a great sponsoring opportunity for the sexual wellness industry. Some companies like CAM4 run their own podcasts, others decided that the medium is a perfect way to reach a curious, open-minded audience. Now the Bremen-based sex toy brand Fun Factory decided to sponsor one of the most influential podcast series about queer sexuality: Bad in Bad: The Queer Sex Podcast.

The hosts of the show are Bobby Box and Gabrielle Kassel who are both writers and sex educators and gifted in making conversations about sex light and fun. The topics of the show range from pegging over dating apps up to disabled sex.

Gabrielle Kassel commented on the new partnership of their show with Fun Factory: »Partnering with Fun Factory was a no-brainer for us. Their toys are the highest quality you can find, and they’ve always been super open-minded as to what sex can look like.«

Co-host Bobby Box added: »In addition to making my all-time favorite toy (that’s Manta), Fun Factory have always put their ethics front and center. Gabrielle and I are all about promoting pleasure for everyone, so it feels great knowing our brand partner’s on the same page. I’m excited to talk about the different ways our listeners can use their toys.«

Kristen Tribby is working for Fun Factory’s US office and she is the global head of marketing and education for the company. Commenting on the podcast she says: »Honest conversations about sex usually happen behind closed doors, so I’m happy that Bobby and Gabrielle have made theirs available for anyone to hear. The podcast makes listeners feel unashamed and excited to try new things, which makes it a perfect match for Fun Factory.«

You can listen to the podcast on any of the popular podcast apps as well as on Apple and Spotify.


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