LELO Survey Of Senior Sex Habits

Senior Sex Survey

The Swedish sex toy company LELO has published a study about the sex habits of older people. The company asked 2,000 people over the age of 50 about their sex life and got some interesting results.

After conducting a survey on 2,000 people aged 50 and older LELO released a survey on the sex habits of older generations. The survey done by OnePoll survey made it clear that apparently sex gets more satisfying with age.

A spokesperson said: »The results showed that most respondents said they have less sex now than in their youth, citing their 30s as the time of their life they were the most sexually active – but one in eight Americans 50 and older still have sex at least five times a week.«

The representative added. »The survey also found that 35% are surprisingly more intimate than ever before and the same amount say their sex drive is higher than when they were younger. And two in three are comfortable with being experimental in the bedroom, with 53% of the respondents divulging that they are more comfortable with trying new sex positions in the bedroom now than ever before.«

Alyssa Dweck is a sex expert for LELO and commented on the survey as well. She said: »While sex may change through the years, many 50-and-older adults still enjoy healthy intimacy. While habits in the bedroom may change with age due to health issues, menopausal hormone changes, and life circumstances, many older adults enjoy intimacy and discover new and exciting activities to keep the spark alive.«

LELO’s Laurie Mintz made it clear that the results of the survey were interesting for the company as it »tell us that sex remains important to individuals and couples throughout their life. It also helps debunk the pervasive myth that sex gets worse as one ages. Indeed, consistent with published studies in the sexuality literature, results of this survey show that sex remains central and important to seniors and that sex can even get better as one ages.«

Mintz added: »One thing not mentioned in the results is the use of sex toys. We know that women who use vibrators have easier and more frequent orgasms and that a man’s comfort with his partner’s use of a vibrator is highly related to her sexual satisfaction.«

Mintz has a recommendation for every elderly person curious to experiment with sex toys:  »I strongly recommend starting with the LELO Smart Wand – either large or medium – which are classics and easy to hold and maneuver.«

Luka Matutinovic is CMO at LELO and he said that »even though we don’t see many older adults being sexually romantic in the media, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it too. The myth around it is related to people’s discomfort with aging. We believe that pleasure should be celebrated by everyone – regardless of age. Intimacy comes in different forms as we age and it can be just as satisfying.«

He also sees several advantages in the sex life of more experienced people.  He said that age often means that »women and men communicate more, get more creative, have more time to explore, which leads to getting the right type of satisfaction. Our buyers are often seniors – they know what they want and understand pleasurable things are waiting for them to explore.”

For more information, visit LELO.com and follow the company on Twitter.


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