Svakom Debuting New Masturbator: Sam Neo

Sam Neo sex toy

The US American sex toy manufacturer and VENUS exhibitor Svakom is launching a new masturbator this month. The company is heavily betting on the success of the Sam Neo which will be shipped come June 15.

Svakom is confident that its new masturbator will be a huge success. The new toy called Sam Neo can be controlled via mobile app and according to Svakom, the masturbator will be able to interact with adult video content online as well as with webcam services.

A representative of the company announced: »The future of masturbation is now. Svakom is committed to growing its already successful Connexion series and now integrates a new member, a sophisticated device in charge of revolutionizing the way we experience pleasure, combining two powerful functions — vibration and suction — in a compact design and controlled by app.«

He added: »Although these characteristics can be found in all the pieces of the Connexion series, each toy has a unique design and qualities that range from vibrating bullets to wand massagers; Sam Neo is distinguished by being an elegant and powerful masturbator capsule with an extra-soft textured sleeve of medical-grade silicone and two independent functions of suction and vibration that can be controlled, independently or together, from your phone —or from someone else’s.«

Additional information can be found on the company’s website.


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