Germany’s Pioneering Online Retailer for Erotic Products An international e-commerce giant

In the landscape of modern online retail, few sectors have seen as much innovation and growth as the intimate and erotic products industry., based in Bielefeld, Germany, is a prime example of a company that has successfully navigated and transformed this space since its inception in 2006.

Foundational History

Sven Pelka CEO, online retailer for erotic products
Sven Pelka, CEO Eis GmbH

Eis GmbH, part of the Triple A Internetshops GmbH group, began in 2006 as a mail order company for erotic products. Founded by André Geske, it started with modest operations but quickly grew to become a force in the e-commerce sector. The company has been directed by a few key figures, with Geske being a constant presence as a founder, multiple-time Managing Director, and now sole shareholder. Sven Pelka, previously the Chief Strategy Officer, became the Managing Director in early 2022.

Growth and Development

From 15 original employees, the company now boasts a workforce of 350 and has expanded beyond Germany to have a presence in the United States, Asia, Georgia, and Ukraine. With a reported turnover of over 226 million euros in 2021, has established itself as the preeminent online retailer for erotic merchandise in Germany, surpassing both traditional shops and other online competitors.

Product Portfolio caters to a diverse clientele, including singles, couples, and individuals of various sexual orientations. Their expansive product line-up of over 25,000 erotic products encompasses everything from sex toys to lingerie, from massage oils to BDSM gear, and includes a significant number of in-house developed items. Among these, the Satisfyer range—a collection of pressure wave massagers—and the company’s own brands of lubricants and massage oils, such as Waterglide and Natural respectively, stand out for their popularity and innovative design.

Innovations and Market Positioning’s Satisfyer line, particularly, has proved to be a bestseller, which incorporates non-contact pressure wave technology to stimulate sexual pleasure points. Competing with similar products such as the Womanizer by WOW Tech Group, Satisfyer is acclaimed for its affordability and variety.

Educational and Promotional Strategies

In addition to product sales, produces educational and promotional content that addresses topics such as hygiene, contraceptives, and offers sex tips through videos. Their informative approach has helped destigmatize the conversation around sex toys and eroticism, aligning it with a modern lifestyle perception. The company’s marketing strategies, including their 2016 “Entdecke deine Sinnlichkeit” campaign supported by the acclaimed ad agency Jung von Matt and the song “Es rappelt im Karton” by Pixie Paris, have significantly contributed to their brand recognition.

Customer-Driven Policies

Demonstrating a strong customer focus, offers an impressive 10-year guarantee on select products and a 365-day return policy for unused items. They also accommodate discreet shipment requests, ensuring customer privacy even in billing.

Conclusion has not only tapped into the growing demand for erotic products but has driven the market with their innovative items, strategic branding, and customer-forward policies. Their evolution from a small mail-order business to an international e-commerce giant is a testament to the successful alignment of their business model with the evolving attitudes and expectations surrounding sexuality and intimate products within modern society.


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