Lube Brand Swiss Navy On Late Night TV

Swiss Navy

M.D. Science Lab, manufacturer of the lubricant Swiss Navy, certainly didn’t expect this much attention out of the blue. The company owed the free PR on late-night TV to a somewhat curious Airbnb host, in whose accommodation a celebrity guest was missing almost everything, but came across a tube of Swiss Navy. An ideal anecdote for the Late Night Show with James Corden, which regularly finds an audience of millions on TV and YouTube.

U.S. actor Zach Woods, best known from the series »The Office,« got U.S. lubricant manufacturer M.D. Science Lab free advertising on the nationally televised »Late, Late Show« with James Corden.

A spokesperson for the company said, »Woods shared his very slippery Airbnb story alongside Corden’s other guest, Katie Couric. He explained his empty, practically barren Airbnb’s lacked basic accoutrements, such as salt. But Woods and his girlfriend discovered the accommodations did have plenty of lube – Swiss Navy’s Premium Anal Lubricant, to be exact. Woods had snapped an image of the lubricant bottle, which he shared with Corden and Couric.«

M.D. Science, of course, is thrilled and grateful for the free publicity in front of an audience of millions. Briana Watkins heads marketing and sales at the lube company and proudly commented, »It’s wonderful to know that our products are being shared and appreciated. Whenever our brand receives recognition, even in a playful, humorous manner, we are thankful that people are becoming more comfortable with their personal intimacy. One of our goals at Swiss Navy is to help people love their love life – and we appreciate James and Zach for sharing Swiss Navy’s Premium Anal Lubricant on their recent episode.«

She added, »And, of course, we have other products that we will be sending to Zach and his girlfriend just in case his future travels don’t come with lube.«

The company posted the clip on its VIMEO channel. For more information on the manufacturer, visit Swiss Navy’s website.


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