Jenny Stella Shines in the DVD Market: Erotic Star Launches Her Own Production Company

Jenny Stella, Thomas Eggert, and Oliver Williams raise a toast to their new partnership at the Venus Fair in Berlin

Berlin, December 2023 – Despite an overall decline in the DVD industry, there seems to still be sufficient potential in the market for innovative ventures. A remarkable example of this is the emergence of JENNY STELLA PRODUCTIONS, a new production company that has recently established itself in the erotic sector.

the new logo of Jenny Stella ProductionsJenny Stella, known as a successful cam model and the face of mydirtyhobby, has proven over the past three years that there is still a demand for physical media. With four DVDs released and sold through direct distribution, she has managed to exceed expectations and sell out limited editions completely. Now she is making the next step in her career by fulfilling a long-cherished dream with the founding of her own production company. She said: “The idea of going into a sex shop and seeing my own DVDs is insanely exciting.”

The company launch is happening in close collaboration with her husband and manager Thomas Eggert, as well as CUTE AND DANGEROUS XXX. As influential figures in the adult entertainment sector – known among other things as publishers of the HOT SLATE magazine and the Venus erotic books – the combination is promising.

Throughout the duration of the VENUS fair, the last necessary details were clarified and an adequate distribution was found. In the words of Oliver Williams, CEO of CUTE AND DANGEROUS XXX, “there is no better distribution partner than VPS.”

Thomas Eggert emphasizes the importance of a harmonious business relationship, which is characterized by mutual trust and a relaxed working atmosphere. Jenny Stella further stresses: “With this partnership, I know exactly what I can expect and don’t have to worry that there will be any hiccups.”

The plan is that the first DVD should hit the market in the last week of the coming February. Then further new releases are planned in a two-month cycle, with a strategy that is not only tailored to Jenny Stella. Other personalities from the erotic industry have already shown interest, which could lead to more exciting developments.

Fans can also be pleased: Jenny Stella will personally be present for promotional purposes at the 94th Film Exchange Berlin on March 3rd and will present her brand new DVD.

To receive more details and keep up with the latest updates, enthusiasts and industry followers can reach out to the editorial team at [email protected]. Engagement with the editorial office offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the trajectory of Jenny Stella Productions and the ambitions that drive its creation.

This direct line of communication underscores Jenny Stella Productions’ commitment to maintaining an accessible and responsive connection with its audience. Whether for inquiries about upcoming releases, partnership possibilities, or exclusive insights into the company’s future projects, the editorial office serves as a crucial nexus for information exchange between Jenny Stella Productions and its dedicated fan base.


Jenny Stella has been in the business since 2019 and has made a rapid rise as a camgirl. Shortly after her start at VisitX, she moved to the largest cam portal mydirtyhobby and became an absolute favorite with users in just two years. She became a brand ambassador for mydirtyhobby, already released four private DVDs and received several awards, recently a VENUS Award 2023 and the NETSTAR Award 2023.
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Since 2013, the parent publishing company CUTE AND DANGEROUS has been successfully publishing magazines in the entertainment sector. Since 2017, CUTE AND DANGEROUS XXX has also successfully been publishing magazines in the adult sector, including the magazines HOT SLATE and ADULT WORLD MEN ONLY. In 2018, the partnership between C&D XXX and VENUS GmbH came into being, to create for the first time in the history of VENUS BERLIN, its own book series, which produced its first volume in October 2019. Currently, volume 5 is being released.
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