Stoya publishes essay on importance of online pornography


Indie porn star Stoya recently published an essay titled »Talking About Sex Online Shouldn’t Be Illegal,« which appeared in Reason Magazine. In the essay, Stoya claims that online pornography is an important forum for open communication and the exchange of views regarding human sexuality.

An essay by Stoya, a well-known porn actress, vividly demonstrates the power of online pornography to facilitate open discussions about sexuality. In her writing, Stoya also quotes performers such as Kayden Kross, who says she has observed employees of the trendy adult brand Deeper engage in nonjudgmental conversations about their sexual preferences and interests.

The essay also references statements made by health expert Lucie Fielding, who notes that outside of adult entertainment, there are few comparable public spheres where heterosexual men can have such constructive dialogues.

The essay also includes interesting remarks by porn director Ali Joone, who highlights fan culture among these positive influences. Since the dawn of the commercial Internet, pornography has not been a one-way street, but a means of communication and connection among formerly isolated people who now meet like-minded people.

Stoya therefore warns that attacks on the accessibility of online pornography can always also be attempts to push back progressive achievements and in this way win the culture war through the back door with pretended arguments concerning the protection of minors.

The social revolutionary aspect of free sexuality has always been feared by authoritarian as well as conservative movements. Thus, protection of minors and even issues of “obscenity” are oftentimes abused simply to exercise censorship.

In addition to the essay, Stoya has recently been working on her directorial debut, which she shot for indie studio XConfessions. »Dick for a Day« can be found on the plattform XConfessions created by legendary producer Erika Lust.


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