Meta’s »Twitter Killer« Threads Bans Female Nipples

tits without nipples

Meta’s recent launch of the app Threads, positioned as a competitor to Twitter, has quickly drawn attention and raised concerns regarding its approach to body positivity and freedom of expression. Just hours after its release, Meta’s head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, confirmed that the platform’s strict guidelines on nudity, including female nipples, would also apply to Threads. This decision has sparked disappointment and frustration among advocates for body positivity and those within the adult industry.

Mosseri’s explanation for the no-female-nipples policy revolved around safety concerns, as Meta claims it cannot verify age or consent, making it a potential risk. However, this swift implementation of censorship has alarmed individuals who believe it perpetuates harmful societal beauty standards and restricts the celebration of diverse body types.

Critics argue that platforms like Threads should embrace inclusivity and foster an environment where individuals can authentically express themselves without fear of censorship. The adult industry, in particular, has been a champion of body positivity, striving to promote diverse representations and challenge societal norms. Therefore, Meta’s decision is seen as disappointing, hindering progress in promoting acceptance and diversity.

The lack of clarity surrounding Meta’s definitions of nudity, sexual activity, and sexual solicitation has been a recurring concern. The company’s own Oversight Board previously recommended that Meta provide clearer guidelines, but the recent decision seems to further perpetuate vague and arbitrary restrictions.

As Threads gains momentum and attracts users, there is hope that Meta will reconsider its stance on body-positive content and work towards developing more comprehensive guidelines that balance safety and freedom of expression.


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