Texas age verification law suspended

HB 1181 Law Faces Rejection

Texanisches Altersverifizierungsgesetz ausgesetzt

A judge has halted the enforcement of Texas’ age verification law. The Free Speech Coalition, backed by key figures in the adult industry, was able to convince the court. Specifically, they persuaded the judge that the law:

Violated the First Amendment rights of creators and consumers.
Had a chilling effect on legally protected speech.
Was ineffective and overly intrusive compared to parental filters.
Posed privacy risks, was unconstitutional, and relied on pseudoscience.

Although the law is currently blocked, it’s important to note that this is a preliminary injunction, and the final court decision is still pending. In the meantime, businesses can continue to operate without the need for disclaimers on your content pages or changes to your targeting settings in relation to Texas.


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