Aylo Resolves Investigation Over GDP Affiliation

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In a significant development within the adult entertainment industry, Aylo Holdings has successfully concluded a 30-month investigation with the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. The inquiry focused on Aylo and its affiliates in relation to allegations involving the now-closed GirlsDoPorn (GDP) production company.

The investigation found no breach of federal criminal laws, including sex trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, or child pornography, by Aylo or its affiliates.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Aylo have reached a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, allowing the company to sidestep a guilty plea. Pending court approval and continued compliance with the DPA, charges against the company related to alleged unlawful monetary transactions with GirlsDoPorn/GirlsDoToys will be dismissed after three years.

Despite denying any wrongdoing, Aylo expresses regret for hosting GDP/GDT content and acknowledges fraudulent acquisition of consent forms. In a bid to address these issues, the company voluntarily commits to making monetary payments to individuals defrauded by GDP/GDT.

To prevent the dissemination of illegal content, Aylo has implemented a comprehensive compliance program and internal controls, incorporating human moderation, AI-based content review, and collaboration with law enforcement.

As a component of the DPA, an independent third-party Monitor will assess Aylo’s compliance program for three years, focusing on transparency and accountability.

Under new ownership, the company pledges to adopt cutting-edge online safety protocols, reaffirming its commitment to trust and safety within the adult content space.

Ethical Capital Partners, the private equity firm that acquired the company, expresses confidence in Aylo’s dedication to trust and safety. The ownership group is committed to collaborating with law enforcement and regulators to combat illegal material.

This development highlights Aylo’s commitment to vigilance against illegal activities on its platforms and its dedication to fostering a safe and inclusive online environment within the adult entertainment industry.


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