Stripclub Giving Away Handsanitizers

strip clubs coronavirus

The strip club chain Déjà-Vu, for which VENUS star Stormy Daniels is acting as a brand ambassador, is distributing free disinfectants and breathing masks to fight the corona virus Covid-19 in its clubs. A clever marketing and sexy awareness campaign in one.

The corona virus is making the rounds and numerous clubs and organisers are feeling massive drops in visitor numbers. People are beginning to avoid larger crowds out of concern about illness or out of consideration for others. For obvious reasons this is an immediate problem for the adult industry.

Instead of burying its head in the sand, one of the largest strip club chains in the world has thought about taking up the challenge and offering potential guests in the clubs a clever marketing gag that also ensures greater security for visitors.

The first 10,000 paying customers will receive free breathing masks at Déjà Vu Showgirls in Tampa, Florida. Little Darlings in Las Vegas distributes 50,000 bottles of disinfectant to its customers.

I guess it’s called killing several birds with one stone. After all, club guests and performers alike are protected, and many a customer is spared the tiresome purchase of disinfectants. Even in the USA, some hygiene products are now sold out in some places.


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