xHamster Offering New Payouts

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The big amateur community xHamster has launched a new program that allows users to monetize their content on the portal. With xHamster everyone can start his career as a porn star, whether as a profession or as a hobby.

The largest amateur community in the world lures talents with a new monetization program. Those who upload three videos to the platform and can draw a total of 10,000 views on their hot content can take part in the provider’s cash program, which allows xHamster video producers to participate in their advertising revenue.

Apart from the three videos and the 10,000 views, all that is required is the producer’s approval under the »Ad-Share« tab. If you click on Activate there, you can earn pretty much everything with xHamster from small pocket money to luxury vacations.

The simple rule applies: The more clicks your content generates, the more money you can earn.

HOW TO EARN WITH XHAMSTERBut it is not only the conventional videos that provide good income via the portal. Those who want to and invest time and effort can also set up their own store and advertise it to an audience of millions via xHamster.

Anyone who publishes videos on xHamster can integrate advertising messages under their video free of charge. In addition you can sign up for the mutually beneficial program »Get Free Traffic«. You need to activate the function and create a channel on xHamster. Then just add a logo, upload a banner, and each uploaded video gets its own banner. Then you can activate and use these banners on your pages and in the xHamster Premium Store.

xHamster writes that you don’t need anything more. You can immediately start adding videos to your own channel and turn traffic into sales. »What are you waiting for?«

Here is the link to the program details. Don’t miss out on the additional revenue for your erotic content!


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