Dorcel Gets Exclusive TV Rights For Vixen Brands

tushy dorcel deal vod

Porn company Dorcel has reached an agreement with Vixen Media Group, the umbrella corporation for the extremely successful VOD websites Blacked, Deeper, Tushy, and Vixen. Dorcel will distribute the Vixen contents through television and all television-based VOD channels worldwide.

Marc Dorcel’s Paris based porn company has inked an exclusive distribution deal with Vixen Media Group for its content. Dorcel will distribute Vixen contents worldwide through its TV network and TV-based VOD services. Dorcel.TV has partnerships with cable providers all over the world with a main focus on Europe, West-Africa, the Caribbean and South-America.

Dorcel can now add the premium content created by Vixen Media for its VOD websites Blacked, Blacked Raw, Deeper, Tushy, Tushy Raw and Vixen. The Vixen contents will blend in perfectly into Dorcel’s own glossy premium productions.

Starting May 1 the entire catalog of Vixen movies will be available and distributed through Dorcel’s network. A spokesperson for the French company said: »Vixen has become the premier online destination and leader in luxury adult content in less than six years. The adult entertainment production company has revolutionized the industry with its unprecedented quality and by promoting the art, beauty and strength of women. Vixen is internationally recognized and praised by press, such as Forbes, Rolling Stone and Vice, for its high-end content and recently collaborated with leading representatives of mainstream culture, like multi-platinum selling superstar G-Eazy.«

After Greg Lansky’s departure a few weeks ago Kayden Kross is now the leading creative director at Vixen Media Group. Commenting on the distribution deal with Dorcel she says: »Vixen continues to expand its reach to serve viewers wherever they are. Our brands with Dorcel marks the company’s first step into television distribution. Dorcel’s fans are accustomed to love chic and premium entertainment so we’re excited to bring our exclusive, luxury content to this new segment across the world.«

Since 2003 Marc Dorcel’s son, Gregory, has been the CEO of the group founded by his father in 1979. He is convinced that Vixen’s contents will be an excellent addition to the company’s offerings. In a statement, he said: »It is undoubtedly the most beautiful and greatest success in the adult industry in recent history. Dorcel, which has been producing and managing premium content and services for over 40 years, shares the same values of quality. We are going to take these magnificent brands, and their content, to a very high level. Together, Vixen and Dorcel have become the perfect alliance of two companies that are committed to beauty, aesthetics and quality.«

If you want to know more about Vixen Media Group’s contents click here. Additional information about the Dorcel empire can be found here.


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