Little Caprice, Marcello Bravo and Clea Gauthier In New Scene

Cléa Gaultier meets Little Caprice

Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo shot another new scene for their Xpervo series on their very own platform LittleCapriceDreams. For »Dark Dinner« the VENUS stars teamed up once more with French porn star Clea Gaultier.

One of the most popular series on LittleCapriceDreams is the slightly rougher Xpervo. The porn couple advertises the series with the promising tagline »sweet girls who want to get punished«.

»Dark Dinner« is the newest entry in the Xpervo series and it features Little Caprice, Marcello Bravo and Clea Gaultier. Both Clea and Little Caprice are AVN Award winners. The scene sets off as a romantic dinner between Marcello and Little Caprice. As the scene progresses it is clear that Clea Gaultier is also on the menu for the sexy power couple.

As in all movies for LittleCapriceDreams, Marcello Bravo is also serving as director of the movie. Little Caprice commented on her husband’s work on »Dark Dinner«: »He loved it – to have us both together and enjoy it very well. I mean he is a really good performer, director and editor. He create all scenes on and it was his idea of course to book Clea and also Liya [Silver] to go a level higher than last year. The results are amazing.«

Just like many other of the couple’s movies »Dark Dinner« is shot in Vienna.

The internationally successful couple is far from done. They have many plans and are eager to win more awards for their work: »Our goal is to win one more award in 2021, that’s why we choose the best, hottest girls with great locations to be a part in our movies.«

The brunette beauty added. »We shoot the threesome with Liya Silver and Clea for our Caprice Divas series and for the Xpervo—Clea, Marcello and me!«

If you want to see the trailer for »Dark Dinner«, visit the couple’s website here. There you can either buy a membership or rent the movie to get an impression of what the couple’s magic might be all about.


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