VENUS Star Micaela Schäfer On BestFans

Micaela Schäfer so privat wie nie

VENUS star Micaela Schäfer now offers her fans deep insights into her private life. On BestFans, everyone can now get close to Germany’s most famous erotic star – closer than ever before. All it takes is a subscription to Micaela’s new VIP fan profile.

Germany’s number 1 nude photo model is luring her fans with previously unseen glimpses into her life. The VENUS star now has her own BestFans profile and offers subscribers uniquely private moments. Micaela promises that she will be more intimate on BestFans and with more and new forms of nudity.

It will also allow her fans to get in direct contact with Micaela and send her messages. On BestFans she will answer all messages and will also offer custom photo poses.

Micaela comments: »The contact with my fans is very important to me and with BestFans I have the possibility to be closer to my fans than ever before.« According to the star, however, deep insights are not only synonymous with nudity. Micaela Schäfer wants to offer her fans a glimpse into her private life as well.

In addition, special activities are planned for and with fans, as well as attractive bonus shows with celebrity co-stars. Anyone interested in what VENUS’ brand ambassador has to offer can register here:

For more information on BestFans, click here.

About BestFans

BestFans is an online fan platform established in Hamburg, Germany, in 2019. It serves to provide web content such as photos and videos for a fee. Users can enjoy exclusive content via a monthly membership or individual purchases. Content is mainly created by content creators from lifestyle, fashion and sports as well as public figures to monetize their profession.


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