Supersaylin: New Approaches in Digital Marketing and Social Media on 4based

Supersaylin 4based

Supersaylin is an up-and-coming creator on 4based, who discovered the platform through other creators. “I heard about 4based from other creators and found it super interesting. So, I decided to sign up on 4based myself,” she explains enthusiastically. Although she primarily studies, she uses the platform on the side and quickly established herself in the world of social media.

In addition to her engagement on 4based, Supersaylin studies digital marketing and is currently interning at a social media/marketing agency. “I study digital marketing and am currently interning at a social media/marketing agency,” she shares. She has always been active in social media and has also gained experience as a dancer.

So far, Supersaylin hasn’t had any crazy experiences with her fans, although many of them would like to meet her in person. She remains cautious when it comes to personal meetings. On 4based, she also posts 18+ content, always ensuring that she only shares what she feels comfortable with. “I only post what I feel comfortable with. It’s important to know your own boundaries and stick to them,” she emphasizes.

Her friends were initially surprised by her activity on 4based but support her and stand behind her. “My friends were surprised at first, but they like what I do and support me,” she says. She doesn’t give any public information about her family. Supersaylin lives by the motto of living in the moment and doing what makes her happy. “Living in the moment and doing what makes you happy – that’s my life motto,” she shares.

Her goal is to retire early and be happy and content. “My goal is to retire early and be happy and content,” she explains. She works hard to achieve something in life so that in the end, she can say she made it. If not, she feels proud that she at least tried. Her biggest dream is for there to be more peace in the world. “I dream of a world with more peace. I have found peace myself and hope that others can find it too,” she hopes.

Supersaylin believes that one should never judge others because it can corrupt one’s own character. “One should never judge others because it corrupts one’s own character. Just live and let live,” is her conviction. She firmly believes that focusing on one’s own path is key to progressing in life and doing what makes one happy and content. This attitude also positively impacts her surroundings.

For over three years, the social community has been growing continuously, boasting thousands of satisfied creators and millions of users. Users find the look and feel of 4based reminiscent of other social networks, and the interface is intuitive. The only difference is the hidden content, which only becomes visible after payment. Whether as a hobby with additional income or a full-time job, everything is possible with 4based.


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