OMG! Bumped into My Ex-Teacher on 4based!

Kate Peaches

26-year-old Kate Peaches shares intimate details with her 28,000 followers on her 4based profile. What started as a modest beginning with just four fans in December 2022, quickly grew into an impressive fan base. The real estate employee signed up on 4based after hitting her limits on other social media platforms like Instagram. “I’ve always loved showing my liberality. Unfortunately, that was not allowed on some platforms. Then I heard about 4based, and it didn’t take two minutes before I opened a profile. I was thrilled by the openness of the platform,” enthuses the woman from Hamburg.

“What fascinates me in particular is the switch between my two lives. During the day, I’m active in the real estate industry, but after work, I dive into a completely different world. It’s like a kind of balance for me. And really funny or even bizarre things always happen.” Kate also offers video calls on 4based. There, one can get to know her a bit better instead of just texting back and forth. “Once, I had one of these video calls with a former teacher of mine. That was intense. It was visibly uncomfortable for him, and for me as well. But he chose to do it, after all, he had seen my face beforehand,” Kate says with a smile. “It took a bit of time, but in the end, we actually had a really cool and relaxed video call. That was a very intense feeling. Another time, I was standing in the supermarket in front of a man with whom I had also had an exciting video call two days earlier. It turned out he lived just two streets down. That was really crazy!”

In the future, Kate wants to launch her own podcast in which she freely talks about taboo topics. “I notice that there are many people who cannot openly talk about certain topics. With a podcast, I want to break those barriers and tell stories that society might not hear so often.”

Currently, Kate is still single, but she firmly believes in true love: “I would not rule out the possibility of even finding the love of my life here on 4based. Sex in a marriage or in a relationship is very important to me. And with my activity on this platform, I’m also learning a lot about the sexuality of my counterpart. Therefore, I do not rule out finding the love of my life here. Although there are of course many inappropriate requests, I believe that the perfect man will come into my life soon,” Kate concludes.

For about two years now, the social community has been growing steadily and records thousands of satisfied creators and millions of users. The look and feel of 4based strongly resemble other social networks and its operation is intuitive. The only difference is the content hidden behind a paywall. Whether as a hobby with a side income or as a full-time job, with 4based everything is possible.


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