From startup to sensation: next level fan engagement

friends2follow celebrates second anniversary

Amsterdam – Newcomer in fan engagement, friends2follow, celebrated its 2nd birthday on February 2nd and looks back on a journey of rapid growth, connectivity, and pushing boundaries. The platform distinguishes itself by going beyond traditional social media. The focus lies on interaction between users, within a safe online environment, where there is room for open communication and exciting content.

In two years, friends2follow achieved impressive milestones with over 1 million users, 20,000 creators, and more than 35 million visitors.

The new benchmark for online interaction is more than an online platform, it is a community where self-expression between creators and fans is central, without limitations. An extension of mainstream social media to transcend the everyday, within a safe setting. There is room for individuality, creativity, and exploration, or in other words: a place ‘where creators become friends.’

Friends to Follow Party
Credits: Chantalle Laurent Photography

“With pride, we celebrate two years of, grown from an idea to a vibrant platform with a dynamic community,” says Jean-Micheal Veen, CEO. “We have created a space where expression, connection, and boundary-pushing creativity flourish.” “The continued growth of the community attests to the sincere appreciation for what offers and confirms that we are on the right track.”

Celebratory Research – the community’s desire

In honor of the anniversary, conducted research among the community done by the research agency DataVice. Fans emphasized the value of content related to sexual well-being with an emphasis on intimacy, and the research revealed a strong demand for educational content from both fans and creators.

In terms of connections, the research shows how serves as a platform for meaningful interactions. Fans shared overwhelming experiences of support and appreciation through direct messages.

The road ahead – ‘Architects of pleasure’

As looks to the future, the focus remains on self-expression within the community and providing exciting content. The growth plans, including the F2F Academy and new interactive features, are aimed at streamlining user contact and optimizing the platform to effortlessly share exciting content.


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