New solution ensures the protection of minors on the Internet in accordance with the EU law


TantumPay, a Liechtenstein based start-up, is set to revolutionise measures to protect minors on the Internet. In coordination with the authorities in charge of the matter, the solution will be published to comply with the EU Directive on Audiovisual Media Services (AVMD). The directive has been active since October 2020, amending the directive 2018/1808/EU and thus forming a new legal framework for the protection of minors in the media in the European Union.

In its communication on 02.11.2020, the Tantum AG solution was positively assessed by the German Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) and is thus in accordance with the German Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag (Youth Media Protection State Agreement). Thus, the first milestone to introduce TantumPay throughout the European market has been reached. TantumPay offers a solution that enables consumers to anonymously confirm their age and at the same time comply with the protection of minors on the Internet.

What is at stake?

Youth protection is an everyday issue: every bar, cinema or supermarket, requires an ID card as proof of age in order to refuse or grant access to alcohol, tobacco or 18+ age-restricted movies.

However, the world is now largely digitalised and the protection of minors is often insufficient if at all, taken into account. It could be access to computer games with content glorifying violence or online erotic material. For example, the average age of first-time consumers of hard-core pornography is only 12.7 years. Such online offers can usually be accessed without any restrictions. (1, 2)

Even in the case of computer games and streaming portals, generally, there is no proper age verification. On streaming sites, Internet celebrities and influencers promote content glorifying violence or are using large amounts of money in online casinos. (3, 4)

The time when the Internet was a lawless area in the protection of minors is now definitely over in Europe. With the amendments to the EU‘s AVMS Directive coming into effect, uniform rules that close existing legal loopholes have been put in place. At the same time, TantumPay is launching an innovative technical solution on the market, ensuring the protection of minors in a convenient, secure, cost-effective and highly scalable manner.

Until now, age verification was possible by means of video identification or via post-ident. However, these processes are rather tedious and time consuming for users and require the disclosure of personal data. Moreover, this age verification does not hinder sharing the already verified account with third parties, as this account can easily be passed onto the underage friend or shared in internet forums.

TantumPay counters this problem precisely with the TantumPay App. A ground-breaking solution enables consumers to

anonymously confirm their age and ensures the protection of minors on the Internet.

The Solution

By applying artificial intelligence, the user identification at TantumPay is carried out without personal contact/video call, but rather introduces the means of a selfie video. The authenticity of the ID document is checked, the data content is recorded and the biometric data from the selfie video is compared with the image on the ID. For this purpose, TantumPay works together with the Zurich scale-up PXL Vision, the Swiss market leader for secure, fully automated identity verification based on artificial intelligence.

This makes identifications not only user-friendly but also much safer and faster than conventional identity verification’s. At the same time, it is more difficult to pass on a verified account to third parties due to the coupling with the corresponding mobile phone. Owing to this innovative technical solution, a KJM and thus EU-compliant identity check can be carried out in just a few seconds.

After the successful, one-time identity check, the user creates his own anonymous identity card in the TantumPay App. The user can confirm their age simply by scanning a QR-Code. No user data is shared in this process. „We offer our customers the possibility to access online platforms and protect their identity. Our customers thus remain completely anonymous“, explains Dominik Hurum, CEO of TantumPay.

Subsequently, TantumPay App users will also be able to make payments anonymously and securely.


By combining innovative technology and data protection in accordance with the legislation and industry norms, a new solution has been created. It implements the desirable development of the protection of minors in an exemplary manner. At the same time, cost-effective scalability, where the data security and anonymity of the users is the top priority, is possible.

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Walter Hasenclever


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