The Most Popular VR Movies On RealityLovers 2020

Sexy Rotkäppchen

2020 was an extraordinary year in many respects. Among other things, this is also reflected in the movies released in adult entertainment. This is also shown by the most exceptional scenes of the year at the VR adult entertainment portal, which was awarded the Ynot Award 2020 as »VR Site of the Year«. These are the scenes and movies particulary popular among Corona stricken fans:

#1 The Little Red Riding Hood SceneThe Little Red Riding Hood Scene

A Little Red Riding Hood is being chased by the big, bad, horny wolf on her way to her grandmother’s house. But it soon turns out he’s not that evil after all… A hot scene with a wolf and a red head… What could be better than that?

#2 The porn school with a legendDie Porno Schule mit einer Legende

Apparently people needed a lot of hot tips against boredom in bed in 2020: Robert Rosenberg, once a globally successful performer, is passing on his incredibly vast experience to the younger generation, and he’s doing it in VR! In his first VR porn as an instructor, he shows what to do and what are the best tips and tricks to have fun with your partner.

#3 The Delivery ManDer Lieferbote

An all-time classic and yet especially popular in this year of online shopping: a pretty blonde has ordered something special on the Internet. Upon delivery, however, the package delivery went a bit differently than normal. When she catches sight of the messenger, she’s in for a surprise…

Other Corona-related scenes of 2020 are:

»Lumberjack Cock,« »Pussy Grill,« »Crema Catalana,« »Quad Ranger,« »Sexy Car Review« and »A Day with a Pregnant Camgirl.«

VR erotica is always very close to its fans: with conventional films, the viewer remains in the passive role. In erotic films with VR technology, offered by portals such as, he is more active because he can look around and thus has the opportunity to take a closer look. This also promotes intimacy and lets the passive viewer become an actor and part of the scenery. Users experience a more intense and vivid feeling. Immersive erotic experiences are available at

About Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers, awarded with the VENUS Award as the »Most Innovative Product 2016«, »Best VR Site 2017« and the YNOT Award 2017 as »Best Website«, offers erotic movies in FullHD in virtual reality. In 180-degree perspective, users experience the events from the point of view of the actors and thus actively participate.


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