Sexy Stepmoms In Virtual Reality

Stiefmutter´s VR Überraschung

Bratislava, June 2020 Usually, taboos and prohibitions have only one effect: the object of desire becomes even more attractive. So it’s no wonder that fantasies involving the stepmother are also the most popular category on the VR erotic portal In the new video »Stepmom’s VR Surprise« ( NSFW) a stepmother seduces her stepson while he masturbates to VR porn. It is not only the temptation of the forbidden that makes movies with stepmothers or milfs particularly popular. Older actresses usually seem more approachable than beautiful young stars. This gives viewers the subconscious impression that they could sleep with a woman like the performer. Moreover, the stepmother characters tend to take the initiative and seduce their stepson. Especially in Virtual Reality the seduction by a mature woman becomes an authentic experience. Those who would like to experience the immersive effect of adult movies with sexy stepmothers in VR will find a large selection of different scenes at

About Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers, winner of the VENUS Award as »Most Innovative Product 2016«, »Best VR Page 2017« and the YNOT Award 2017 as »Best Website«, offers adult movies in FullHD for virtual reality devices. Users experience the action from the perspective of the actors in 180-degree perspective and thus actively participate in the love play. Those interested can choose between various subscription offers.



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