SexLikeReal Offers 30 Days Free Premium Access

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Some porn companies try to make life a little more enjoyable for the many people who are quarantined or locked down during the corona crisis. One such company is SexLikeReal, a VR provider that makes its premium content available free of charge for one month.

While more and more stores are closing worldwide, many industries remain available online for customers. One of the fastest-growing fields so far is online pornography. Some companies in the industry are now offering free access, memberships or temporary benefits during the Corona crisis.

For 30 days, SexLikeReal, founded in 2015, is now offering access to over 8,000 videos from 120 leading porn studios. To ensure the best possible picture quality at all times, the company re-mastered and enhanced some of the films on its platform.

The announcement for the offer states: »The world is in lockdown, while people spend most of their time in the safety of their own homes. The question now is: What can I do at home all the time during the quarantine?« SexLikeReal knows the answer to that self-question: »Well, VR is the answer. Not only because it’s cool, but because now you can watch free VR porn provided by SexLikeReal.«

To enjoy the free offer, all you have to do is create a free account on SexLikeReal’s website, download the SLR app, and then you can enjoy the porn on a VR device in top quality.

If you are not alone in quarantine, but with your loved one, you can try out the VR technology together, SexLikeReal suggests.

The platform promises breathtaking experiences and points in particular to the »innovative Multicam technology«, which was used in the film »Sex Avatar«. According to SexLikeReal, the movie is on its way to becoming the bestseller of the platform. By using a certain camera technique, VR technology should offer even more perspectives than would ever be possible in real life.

In addition to the films, there are always live girls in VR. These unique VR experiences can make one forget the sometimes bleak or gloomy thoughts of the Corona crisis, at least for a while.

A special highlight at SexLikeReal is also available in form of the in-house productions under the label »Originals« as well as the category »Fleshlight Launch«, where synchronously fine-tuned experiences are combined with scripts that are supposed to enable individual experiences.

Next to a girlfriend-experience, users can also enjoy BDSM and Kink scenarios at SexLikeReal.

You can find more information here.


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