Masturbation Strengthens The Immune System

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Bratislava, March 2020 – If you do it yourself, you will not only reduce stress but also strengthen your own immune system. The reason for this is the release of feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin during your climax. In addition, the cortisol level, a hormone that causes stress, will be balanced again. This hormone surge can be intensified by an immersive experience watching a VR adult film. The feeling of being up close and personal increases the hormonal boost for the brain. What could be more important than this in these times? There is no simpler and more pleasurable way to take care of yourself right now.

According to many studies, masturbation is an important contributor to a strong immune system. Some studies say that men who regularly masturbate have a higher leukocyte level and therefore a better immune response. During orgasm – not only through masturbation, by the way – an increased amount of dopamine is being released. This chemical is also responsible for the feeling of pleasure and can intensify the sensation of pleasure. The second chemical that is produced during orgasm is oxytocin. Both hormones lower the cortisol level and can thus contribute to strengthening the immune system. Furthermore, studies have shown that masturbation also increases the number of white blood cells. These are particularly important in fighting infections. In conclusion: masturbation strengthens the immune system. A strong immune system prevents colds and flu-like infections.

Those who masturbate alone under the blanket will discover positive effects on their immune system. But all this can be significantly enhanced with virtual reality devices that give you a unique personal experience. Because VR eroticism is very close to the user. With conventional movies, the viewer remains in the passive role. In adult films featuring VR technology offered by portals such as, the viewer is more active because he can look around and thus has the opportunity to take a closer look at other parts of the body. This also enhances the feeling of intimacy and allows the passive viewer to become a protagonist and part of the scene. This leads to an intense and vivid feeling. Those interested can find immersive erotic experiences at

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