Love in times of the corona pandemic

Experience intimacy despite distance thanks to VR

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Contact restrictions, distance bans and hardly any travel opportunities: A love at a distance is making life difficult for many German couples due to Corona. Because of the pandemic and the resulting lack of closeness and renunciation of tenderness and sex, the love of many couples is put to a hard test. But virtual reality makes intimacy possible despite great distance. “By watching the same films and exchanging hot fantasies, the passion remains even when they are physically separated. In addition, VR films enable completely new perspectives, such as sex from the point of view of the opposite sex,” explains René Pour, managing director of, and adds: “In this way, lovemaking in reality – as soon as couples then get back together – becomes even more intimate. Because there is a greater understanding for the other person”.

Living out your own fantasy in VR

Getting to know the preferences of the other person is only one of the positive effects of VR erotica: “The realistic experience of new erotic scenarios also leads to a clearer understanding and classification of one’s own sexual preferences. VR erotica is thus a combination of entertainment and sex education,” says Pour. Because instead of simply watching, users find themselves in the middle of the scene and enjoy the lovemaking at close range or from the perspective of one of the performers. A lot of potential slumbers precisely in this feeling of “immersion” in another world.

virtual porn
Porn as you wish

This also makes individual films possible: thanks to personalized VR films, couples fulfill sexual fantasies with their own partner without being physically together with him or her. Interested parties decide whether they themselves become active in front of the camera or whether the filming with professional actors is intensified by personal wishes or preferred positions from their favorite perspective. In the demanding production, RealityLovers uses the latest VR technology and attaches great importance to aesthetic presentation.

Erotic adventure made easy

To immerse themselves in the virtual world of sex, all users need is a VR-capable smartphone and VR glasses to clamp the mobile phone into. Equipped with these, nothing stands in the way of immersing oneself in the most intimate sex fantasies. Fans of virtual reality discover hot erotic films at

About Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers, awarded the VENUS Award as the “Most Innovative Product 2016”, “Best VR Site 2017” and the YNOT Award 2017 as “Best Website” as well as “VR Site of the Year” 2020, offers erotic films in Full-HD for virtual reality. In the 180-degree perspective, users experience the events from the point of view of the performers and thus actively participate in the lovemaking. Interested parties can choose between different subscription offers.




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