CAM4Radio Launching Podcast With Falcon/Nakedsword

CAM4 Radio Discretion

CAM4 subsidiary CAM4Radio will collaborate with the iconic porn studios Falcon/Nakedsword to launch »Discretion Advised,« a new podcast that will further tap into the growing audio market for adult entertainment and lifestyle.

The radio and podcast portfolio of the internationally established CAM4 network is getting a new addition. »Discretion Advised« will offer a bi-weekly look into the world of pop culture and gay pornography.

The series will be hosted by Marc MacNamara and John Hill. Guests will include well-known gay porn stars as well as numerous reality TV stars known from series such as Real Housewives and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Host MacNamara commented on the concept, »Sex and love are topics everyone can relate to. This is a show where we bring on people from very different worlds, different industries and with very different points of view and we discuss the tie that binds us — anal. I can’t wait to dive into ‘Discretion Advised’ with you all.«

His co-host John Hill added, »’Discretion Advised’ is a giant bukkake of topics, tea and taints. A safe space for celebs from the silver screen, small screen and smudged-up lube-y screen to laugh, cry and offer NSFW advice to anyone brave enough to listen.«

CAM4’s Shannon McD also chimed in to enthusiastically comment on the new collaboration, saying, »We are beyond thrilled to welcome this brilliant, hilarious and never-dull podcast to our roster of programming. The team at Falcon/NakedSword is known for elite-quality, edgy content focused on delivering pure pleasure and ‘Discretion Advised’ does just that.«

Find new episodes every second Tuesday on CAM4Radio and follow the podcast

Every other Tuesday, CAM4Radio will release a new episode of »Discretion Advised.« Previous episodes can be found here.

For more information, visit the platform’s website.


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