Advertising Opportunities in the Adult Industry

VAN Werbung

In an era where the dynamics of the digital landscape bring about unstoppable changes in the way companies reach their audience, Venus Adult News (VAN), a pioneering platform since its inception in 2016, has changed the rules of the game. Operating often on the fringes of mainstream media, the adult industry finds a powerful ally in VAN to reach a specific and dedicated audience. With daily visits exceeding 4,000, cumulating to more than 12,000 page views, and a monthly audience of over 120,000 unique visitors, VAN has built an impressive presence that offers advertisers unparalleled opportunities.

It is this engaged readership that makes VAN more than just a news source. The platform is a meeting point for an audience deeply rooted in the adult industry – from producers to distributors to fans and users of sexual wellness products. The expansive reach of VAN extends further to various social media platforms and Google News, opening up a wide array of consumers to companies that advertise here, whose interest in adult content goes beyond the ordinary.

VAN’s weekly newsletters, both in English and German, are a testament to the depth and quality of coverage the platform provides. With approximately 30,000 subscribers – all industry insiders – these emails offer an indispensable insight into global trends, updates, and news from the adult industry. Advertisers find here a golden opportunity to land directly in the view of a specialized audience that values relevant and engaging content.

Starting at €200 per month, VAN’s offerings provide a wide range of advertising opportunities. From web banners to newsletter features to customized co-branding initiatives, VAN enables companies to strengthen their brand presence, highlight their products, and engage in a direct dialogue with their target audience. The integrated translation service ensures that messages face no language barrier, thus fostering a truly global reach.

In an industry often grappling with challenges regarding visibility and acceptance, VAN represents a platform that not only informs and entertains but also builds solid bridges between brands and their audience. For companies active in the adult industry, be it fan sites, manufacturers, or distributors of sexual wellness products, VAN offers an invaluable partner in achieving their marketing objectives. In today’s fast-paced, digital world, where consumer attention is a fiercely contested currency, Venus Adult News grants these companies a crucial advantage.

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