Chaturbate Launching Youtube Series »AI Vs Pornstar«

ai vs porn star video

The cam company Chaturbate has launched a new series called »AI vs Pornstar«. It will be shown on the company’s own YouTube channel »It’s Camming Life«.

Like many adult companies, cam operator Chaturbate runs its own YouTube channels, where the boundary between advertising, brand-building and genuine content becomes more and more blurred.

In the »AI vs Pornstar« series, Chaturbate is now putting adult performers and cam stars into a competition with an AI. In the process, the performers as well as the AI are asked various questions from the fields of erotica, sex life and dating and then it will get determined who provides the better answers.

A spokesperson for Chaturbate commented on the new series, »This creative format not only makes for hilariously engaging content, but also educates the audiences on important topics ranging from ‘How to deal with performance anxiety’ to good first date ideas.«

You can watch the first episode here:

For more information on Chaturbate, check the company’s website.


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