The First ever World Sex Championships

Live Sex House

March 8th, 2024The 2024 World Sex Championships kicked off March 5th with an already mind-blowing group of competitors representing various countries as they all compete for the title of The 2024 World Sex Champion. 

The 24 hour live stream competition is being held in the beautiful Costa Del Sol region in a luxurious Villa in collaboration with the Swedish Sex Federation and Live Sex House.  

The month long event is sure to bring a different aspect to the viewers not only as a live reality show, but one that focuses on the “Sport Of Sex”. 

Under the leadership of the European Sex Championship, this monumental event promises to be an unforgettable experience for competitors and spectators alike.

Hosting the event from the United States, is “La Madre de la Casa”, Coralyn Jewel, international best-selling author, performer,  certified masters sexologist and advocate for sex positivity, further raising the level of this competition. 

With the support of international referees, in person psychologist and sexologist judge Anna Victoria Annekel and a technical team 24 hours a day, this championship guarantees fair play and an unforgettable experience.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us.  We believe in our mission, our competitors and we hope you will show your support for the importance of embracing sexuality, freedom of expression and the Sport of Sex.

Join us on, vote for your favorites competitors, watch the various daily discipline competitions, listen to in person interviews and most importantly, join the fun. 

You will be guaranteed an eye opening experience. As, our hostess instills daily to all competitors. “ Every one of you offers something unique to this competition. I encourage you you to listen & learn from each other without judgement. You are all winners who displayed the courage to step up to this challenge”. 

The Swedish Sex Federation and the entire team of the 2024 World Sex Championships thank you for your support.

For more information contact The Swedish Sex Federation at [email protected]

Swedish Sex Federation


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