Stripchat Offering Double Payout For xHamster Pornstars

stripchat xhamster

The webcam operator and VENUS exhibitor Stripchat has announced a doubling of the payouts. The action is intended as a corona relief program for currently unemployed porn actors who are listed in xHamster’s »porn stars« section and are now considering entering the cam business.

Stripchat wants to double the payout to actors who are listed as porn stars on xHamster until May 5th. The doubling will reach up to an amount of 5000 dollars. The company is thus trying to make it easier for the actors and stars of the industry, who are massively affected by production halts, to find their way into cam work. However, the doubling also applies to porn stars already active on strip chat.

Max Bennet, VP at Stripchat’s parent company New Media, announced that the program could be extended if successful. Commenting on the launch, he says: »We know that many studio performers have been curious about camming, and we wanted to make it easier for them to make money on it. We’ve released several initiatives – from double payouts to new member bonuses, for those in the ‘porn stars’ category – designed to boost them financially.«

Stripchat assumes that porn stars have a good chance to be successful in the cam business and tries to encourage those performers who have not been successful in camming so far. Apparently the provider suspects an immense potential of many new customers for Stripchat among the fans and followers of the stars.

Bennet says: »Performers who haven’t cammed before have the potential to generate immediate income with fans eager to ‘meet’ them in private. Cams are a different medium, for sure, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for them.«

As an additional boost to sales, new customers are welcomed with 320 free tokens, enough to pay for an entire session with their favorite performer, according to the company.

Those who want to participate in the VENUS exhibitor’s program can contact Stripchat directly by e-mail. The specially created e-mail address is [email protected].

Further information can be found on the company’s website.


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