Stripchat Helping Italian Cam Performers With Higher Payouts

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The webcam provider Stripchat has announced to double the payout for cam performers from Italy in March. With this, the VENUS exhibitor is putting together a relief package for its models so that they can get through the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, not only the whole of Italy is under quarantine: Except for pharmacies and supermarkets, no shops are allowed to open. Public life has come to a standstill. Even funerals are temporarily prohibited until the beginning of April.

Italy is currently accepting immense economic damage in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The new virus, which is particularly dangerous for the elderly over 65 and people with pre-existing conditions, is already putting a strain on the health systems of many European countries. For this reason, in particular, many countries are trying to gain time by canceling major events and restricting freedom of movement.

For many private individuals and companies, however, this immediately results in major financial difficulties and immense problems in everyday life. In order to help at least their own performers in Italy, Stripchat has now committed itself to double the payout for the provider’s cam models, initially for the month of March. A generous step, which – if other companies and industries would follow the example – could alleviate the immediate difficulties for many Italians.

Stripchat not only shows responsible entrepreneurial action but also shows once again that the adult industry stands for quick, uncomplicated and pragmatic solutions and is there for people in case of doubt.

For the time being, the payout is to be doubled only in March, but Stripchat announces that if the quarantine of the country continues, it will also consider extending and continuing the increase in payout.

The offer is not only valid for those performers who are already active for the company. New cam accounts based in Italy will also participate in the increase in payouts. In this way, the company not only wants to help but also to attract people to the industry who may discover the line of work in front of the cam during the crisis, when other sources of income dry up for quarantine reasons.

Stripchat also assumes that during the quarantine the demand for the cam and online pornography will increase. That this is the case is also shown by reports from the VENUS partners and xHamster.

Max Bennet is Stripchat’s VP. Commenting on the measure he says: »The adult industry needs to find ways to support those in our workforce who are affected by these quarantines and shutdowns. Adult businesses are likely to see an increase in traffic over the next few weeks and we need to do what we can to help support models in this time of need.«

He adds: »It’s a bit unconventional but it’s the type of stimulus that works exceeding well for the crisis. On one hand, you have millions of people, many of whom might live alone, in need of companionship. On the other, you have models in need of income. Let’s get them together and keep everyone safe. A virus can’t travel through a laptop, but an emotional connection can.«

And that’s not all. The company also plans to establish similar programs for other countries that are heavily affected by the virus.

You can find more information on the Stripchat website.


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