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Ohlala Dating App

The holiday season is just around the corner, but not for everyone. Especially in times of Corona, this time of the year can be a real challenge for singles. Yet the Christmas season does not have to consist of lonely evenings on the sofa at home. After all, with Ohlala.com, the next exciting date is just a few clicks away. Unlike Tinder and the like, users here save themselves hours of swiping and texting. Instead, they have the framework for the perfect date in their own hands: Simply specify the day, time and type of the desired date and wait for requests. There is a choice between drinks, dinner or Ohlala. This way, both sides know directly where they stand and how the meeting will proceed in real life. On average, ten applications are received in response to a date request.

Planning reliability thanks to dating-on-demand

If one or more applications meet with the users’ approval, final details can be clarified in the chat and then there is nothing standing in the way for a successful date. This makes dating not only convenient, but also plannable. Because by specifying time and dating type, the individual needs of users are met in the best possible way.

By the way: It usually only takes about eight minutes to receive the first application for a date request. Especially in the stressful pre-Christmas period, dating-on-demand is the best and most efficient way to meet new people.

Already, the platform is seeing an increase in the number of dating requests, and the statistics of the last years show that even at the holidays themselves a higher than average dates come to pass.

For more information about Ohlala, visit https://www.ohlala.com/.


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