Buttoned up but still open?

Profile picture says nothing about preferences on a first date

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People who pose in sexy poses and scantily clad on profile pictures in social media & co. are bound to get it on right away on the first date, according to popular opinion. But a less revealing photo does not necessarily mean that no sex is to be expected on the first night, as a survey of more than 650 users of the instant dating portal Ohlala revealed. The majority said they did not post sexy pictures, but were still open to more than just a trip to the cinema or a few drinks.

More than 80 percent of the users surveyed could imagine having sex on the first date. When asked what pictures are used in the profile, only just under 28 percent answered that they show photos in sexy poses.

Ohlala.com offers erotic content as well as efficient and discreet dating in one. With instant dating, users and creators can easily live out the different facets of their love life. In just a few steps, a profile is created and users enter their desired date, including day and time, and the corresponding interested parties apply free of charge within a few minutes. Further information can be found here: https://www.ohlala.com/

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Ohlala is a geo-social network and instant dating application for content creators, creatives, influencers, celebrities, sex-positive people, amateurs and nude models. Founded in Berlin in 2015, the startup is now no longer only available in Berlin, but is accessible worldwide. The platform offers an extensive portfolio of professional and amateur content and connects people in the vicinity who go on dates immediately. Ohlala thus represents a very convenient way to date on individual terms and flexible schedules. The innovative dating application allows users to post requests and applications for dates that can be scheduled in the next few hours or on any other day.


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