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Solomon Friedman

MindGeek Sold To New Owner

MindGeek, the parent company of popular websites Pornhub and Brazzers, has been acquired by Ethical Capital Partners, a new private equity firm based in...
Tonight mit John Oliver

John Oliver Campaigning For Sex Workers

The popular late night show »Last Week Tonight With John Oliver« on HBO campaigned for the rights of sex workers in a well-researched segment...
FSC 2021

FSC Announces New Board Of Directors For 2021

The US lobby group Free Speech Coalition (FSC) for adult entertainment and the rights of members of the sex industry announced a new board...
Cristina Garcia

Fingerprinting For Porn Actors: California Moving Against Sex Workers?

With a discriminating bill, the US state of California, which is considered liberal, is pushing to the forefront of the anti-sex worker movement. In...