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is that a cock ring?

World Cup At Qatar: Ban On Sex Toys (and Beer)

With the 2022 World Cup only days away, fans traveling to Qatar are being reminded of the country’s strict morality laws. These include a...

Is Airbnb About To Discriminate Sexworkers?

Airbnb, the globally successful accommodation company and one of the flagships of the sharing economy, has secured a software patent that, due to numerous...

China Imposes Moral Code Shaming Porn Viewers

The Chinese government's efforts to monitor its citizens have increasingly developed into an Orwell surveillance state through digital tools and cameras. Now the country...
new york

New York Might Legalize Prostitution

While conservative forces around the world are preparing for ever new attacks on sexual freedom, the state of New York is pushing ahead with...
Pornstar School

FSC Launches Program To Help Newcomers

The buzzing US industry association Free Speech Coalition has launched a program to help newcomers in the porn industry gain a foothold. INSPIRE is...
smart dns proxy

India’s Porn Ban Doesn’t Work

After the Indian government blocked more than 800 websites containing pornographic content last year at the behest of the highest court in the country,...
segpay fsc

Segpay Offering Free Services To FSC

One of the leading providers of digital payment processing now offers support to the Free Speech Coalition (FSC). Segpay will provide free consulting, payment...
burry playboy webseite

Blind Rage? Visually Impaired Man Sues Playboy

A somewhat curious lawsuit, even by US standards, is currently paving the way for a class action lawsuit. A blind man named Donald Nixon...
fsc trans statement

FSC Statement About Trump’s Anti-Trans-Agenda

According to news reports the Trump administration is planning to revoke many rights and protections for trans people throughout the US. That would essentially...
donald trump

Will Kavanaugh’s Appointment to the Supreme Court Change the Industry?

The bitterly contested nomination and final swearing-in of the right-wing conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court will probably shape the country...