420 Lovers Will Rejoice, Jason Steel Presents: Hanflove The Movie

Cannabis Porn

Under its new government led by the SPD, Germany is on the verge to legalize Cannabis. The adult star Jason Steel took this as an opportunity to create a very special movie for 420 lovers everywhere. He just announced the publication of »Germany’s first weedmovie«. It is called »Hanflove – The Movie« and is available for streaming on Pornhub.

According to porn star Jason Steel, the movie was spontaneously produced in 2020. He said, »The whole production was realized in 2020 for the hemp harvest of Günter Weiglein in a super spontaneous way and the actors worked free of charge. Everything was actually filmed with just a cell phone and a DJII gimble.«

He added, »It has been an exciting few days in post-production and I have gotten support from musicians who have provided me with their beats. All in all, I think it turned out to be a great movie.«

The movie is free and can be streemed via Pornhub. If you want to know more go to Jason Steel’s links on Linktree.


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