VICE TV’S Sex Before the Internet features DR. SUSAN BLOCK in “SEX on TV” (ep. 5) about HBO’s REAL SEX

March 20, 2022, LOS ANGELES—World renowned sexologist, best-selling author of The Bonobo Way, and host of the Dr. Susan Block Show, Dr. Susan Block, a.k.a. Dr. Suzy, recently appeared on episode 5 of VICE TV’s Sex Before the Internet series, produced by former ABC News President James Goldstone. In the episode titled “Sex on TV,” which first aired on Feb. 7, 2023, Dr. Suzy discusses both her experiences and the impact of HBO’s groundbreaking cult favorite reality show, Real Sex.

See Dr. Suzy in Vice TV’s Sex Before the Internet

“HBO was the place to go for adult entertainment that was as smart as it was sexy in those spicy, sex-exploratory years surrounding the turn of the 21st century,” explains Dr. Suzy. “In many ways, HBO’s Real Sex was unprecedented in television history and unsurpassed ever since. It also happened to be open-minded, informative, educational, empathetic, relatively nonjudgmental, funny and a lot of fun.”

The feeling was mutual. HBO called Dr. Suzy “radio’s sexiest, funniest, most outrageous sex therapist… if conversation is a sex act, then this Yale graduate has a very talented tongue.”

Vice’s “Sex on TV” opens with footage of Dr. Suzy’s signature “Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners…” which leads into her monologue on ethical hedonism that also kicks off Real Sex 25. The moment is followed by a present-day interview with Dr. Suzy, where she states that Real Sex was “a sexual revolution—for television.”

After making cameo appearances on a few of the very first Real Sex shows, Dr. Suzy was first featured on Real Sex 11 in 1995, then again on Real Sex 25 in 1999. In between her Real Sex segments, HBO launched two half-hour spin-offs hosted by Dr. Suzy, Radio Sex TV (1997) and Radio Sex TV 2: Off the Dial (1998), all about “Sex. Fun. Wisdom.” Both were #1-rated Nielsen specials.

“Sex on TV” also shows a Real Sex 11 clip of Dr. Suzy broadcasting her live syndicated radio show from bed 28 years ago, juxtaposed with her present-day studio as she broadcasts alongside her husband of over 30 years (also appearing in Radio Sex TV and her Real Sex segments), Max Lobkowicz, on F.D.R. Radio, where she still helps callers with their love lives, still educating, exploring and sharing “sex… fun… wisdom.”

The episode also includes interviews with former head of HBO Documentary Films and Real Sex executive producer Sheila Nevins, former HBO President Michael Fuchs, Real Sex lead producer Patti Kaplan, producer/director Deb Wasser, and other members of the female-led Real Sex production team, along with appearances by sex educator Tristan Taormino (another Real Sex featured guest), as well as comedians Nikki Glaser, Lunell, Joanna Briley, Zach Noe Towers, and adult performer Silvia Saige, all of whom say they *grew up on* Real Sex when it aired on HBO, and a few of whom would love to *bring it back* in some form.

In her Vice interview, Dr. Suzy talks about how Real Sex greatly expanded her audience, enabling her to reach people all over the world, as it helped so many others to share their sexual experience, insight and joy via this unique and remarkable TV show.

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