Rocco Siffredi Honored With »Premio 28 di Decembre« Award

Rocco Siffredi

Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi was honored a few days ago by his Italian hometown of Ortona with the »Premio 28 di Dicembre« award, an award for outstanding personalities from Ortona. Siffredi accepted the award at the historic Teatro Tosti. The event was accompanied by musicians, and Siffredi was honored with a video tribute.

The mayor of Ortona, Leo Castiglione, emphasized Siffredi’s roots in the working-class neighborhood of Madonna Degli Angeli and praised him for being the only artist in the world of the porn industry »who didn’t let himself be marginalized and locked up in that world.«

Castiglione added that during his career as one of the biggest porn stars of all time, Siffredi also became a producer and director. Even the global streaming platform Netflix recently dedicated a seven-episode series to the actor’s biography.

Awards like the Premio 28 di Dicembre are common in Italy. Since the prize was established in Ortona in 1958, the city has honored 27 important figures. Siffredi thanked his native city and stressed that sex had become a vocation for him.

He said, »I’m hyper-sincere, and I understand those who haven’t understood this award because it’s not easy to accept someone who chooses to lead my life – sex, movies, that’s all a separate matter. For me, it’s a real job.«

He added, »I experimented with everything more and more. They say I’m very good, and a series is being dedicated to me in the world, not for nothing. But here, I didn’t come to promote porn; I came to promote having passion for one’s job.«

Siffredi emphasized that he shared the award with his late cousin Gabriele Galetta, a longtime and trusted companion throughout his career.

VENUS ADULT NEWS also congratulates Rocco Siffredi on his award. The star visited the fair a few years ago and graced Berlin with his presence.


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