Christian Dior Sues Performer

MILF Gigi Dior

Adult performer and clip producer Gigi Dior is being sued by the international fashion label Christian Dior. The company accuses the performer of infringing trademark rights held by the label.

The actress Gigi Dior probably did not see that one coming. The French luxury company Christian Dior is suing the performer, who has only appeared once in a porn film and is otherwise active on ManyVids under her chosen stage name.

Gigi Dior starred as a MILF in the 2022 film “Little Late to the Game, But Better Late Than Never,” released by However, she seems to have attracted the scorn of the fashion label herself, as she registered her stage name as a trademark last year. This brought the luxury label’s lawyers into action.

The company wants to prevent Gigi Dior from using her name for goods and services that could incur, especially in the entertainment sector and for her activities as a porn actress.

The performer, on the other hand, has shown herself to be combative and not very compliant. In an interview with the gossip magazine Page Six, Gigi Dior called the lawsuit ” ridiculous”. After all, she said, Dior is a fashion label, and her own business has nothing to do with textiles; on the contrary, her job »usually involves wearing no clothes at all.«

It is likely that the actress will have to give in nonetheless. So, what about Gigi Boss?


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