Little Caprice Unleashes 8K VR Experience and Photobook for Fans

Bringing A-Game to Your Screen and Beyond

Little Caprice

Let’s strip away the fluff and get down to business—Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo are cranking up the heat in the adult entertainment world. The reigning queen of the International Female Performer of the Year award from the Czech Republic isn’t just resting on her laurels. Caprice is taking her official website to pants-soiling new heights by launching 8K VR sex scenes.

“We were on the hunt for ages, looking for someone who could shoot and edit these monstrous files for us,” Little Caprice tells AVN. “Marcello’s friend rolled in with this magnificent piece of tech—a shiny new 8K camera. It’s a whole new ball game. We’re talking fans being practically in the scene. It’s like 4K on steroids; the kind that goes right into the muscle.”

But wait, there’s more. They’re also doling out these giant files—think 500GB for a measly 20-minute scene—with a rendering time that could make dial-up internet nostalgic by comparison.

For those wondering if they’re up to date on their tech specs, and the parent site, are booming. They even tossed in a download option to keep you watching even when your Wi-Fi is on vacation. And yes, non-members, they haven’t forgotten you. Rental options are your jam.

One of their standout series, WeCumtoYou, dives into swinger-themed shenanigans. “Swinger Weekend” unspools in three heart-throbbing episodes. The premise? Letting couples know that marriage doesn’t mean sewing up your wild oats. It’s a lifestyle, people. And, it seems it’s working out just fine for Caprice and Marcello, who mention they’ve picked up a shiny new AVN Award for Best International Group Sex Scene for their tryst with Rika Fane and Stanley Johnson in Episode 26.

But Caprice isn’t just about mind-blowing VR. She’s also shaking things up with her debut photobook. “I’ve been an erotic model for years. We’ve done calendars, but never a photobook,” she shares. It’s 26 pages of high-end titillation, available on her merch page for those who like to collect a piece of their fantasies.

And if awards light your fire, note that Little Caprice recently snagged more trophies. The tally? Fourteen AVN Awards, 25-plus international accolades, and another feather in Marcello’s cap with the Best Foreign Director at Erofest International Erotic Fair.

But let’s not forget Caprice’s real-world ventures. Expect to see her as the face of Erotica Athens from May 31 to June 3. “For me, being the face of an expo is always an honor,” she says with the graciousness of a queen. “This gig is something special. Lots of mingling, shows, and an atmosphere that could light up Athens.”

Meeting fans? She’s all in. Despite missing out on AVN 2024 due to border hiccups, she’s hyped for 2025. “We finally got our business visa. It’s time to meet my USA fans.”

So, there you have it. Little Caprice is not just upping her game; she’s rewriting the rules. Buckle up, folks, because this is one ride you won’t want to miss.


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