Svakom Sponsoring International Women’s Day In China

Global Friendship

Sex toy manufacturer Svakom has again stepped into the field of political marketing around corporate responsiblity. After sponsoring several events in South America and development projects in Africa the company is now sponsoring a feminist Women’s Day in the Chinese city of Shenzhen through a partnership with the Global Friendship organization.

Sponsoring the Women’s Day in one of the biggest Chinese cities is something that’s not a thing that immediately comes to mind when a company is thinking about new marketing campaigns. But Svakom is not a company like many others. Sponsoring a water well in Africa or a skateboarding even in Argentine is more along the lines of this interesting approach to corporate responsibility marketing.

A representative for the manufacturer of high-end sextoys commented, »We are always looking for new ways to contribute to such an amazing community. Global Friendship has continued to do amazing things, and host incredible events, and we are grateful to have played a small role in empowering women and bringing a smile to someone’s face.«

He added, »Members are able to receive various perks, including opportunities to showcase talents and unique skills, as well as network with businesses through the Global Friendship network, and connect with a diverse community.«

One of the co-founder of Global Friendship said, »Despite being postponed, it didn’t put a damper on the positive energy of the event. The theme this year was ‘Community Builders,’ celebrating those individuals, entrepreneurs, groups and business which are making a positive impact in the Shenzhen community.«

But Svakom wouldn’t be Svakom if sexual health wouldn’t be part of their mission statements. So the company also provided a selection of products as raffle prizes during the event, including its Tyler vibrating C-ring, panty vibrator and Tulip bullet vibe.

Global Friend’s rep said, »The winners were excited, some a bit shy, but these are always hot prizes that everyone wants. This was Svakom’s second time supporting International Women’s Day, after providing prizes for a previous event in Guangzhou, which took place in March.«

Svakom was very pleased with the campaign. The spokesperson for the sex toy brand also said: »Seeing the prize winners with smiles on their faces, clearly excited to try their new toy, brings us so much joy. We’re always looking for new opportunities to provide everyone with a little piece of Svakom.«

Additional information on the company can be found here.



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