Svakom Releases Two New Products

Bild: JFK

The sex toy manufacturer Svakom launched two new products with its patented Pulse Technology. The two suction stimulators called »Pure« and »Union« will add to the ever groing range of smart sex toys created by the VENUS exhibitor.

Two new suction stimulators have been released by Svakom. Both toys are based on the company’s own Pulse Technology. They are made from body-safe silicone and come with  magnetic charging ports. Both toys have a four-hour battery life and are also water-resistant.

A spokesperson for the company said: »Pulse Technology works to create a deep suction sensation, stimulating the clitoris and erogenous zones both externally and internally.«

He added, »This will be the start of a fascinating new lineup of toys for Svakom, focusing on providing a mind-blowing suction experience, with a multitude of different features.«

The Pulse Pure is available in the colours pink and navy blue. It can be controlled using one of five different suction modes, all of them offering different experiences and intensities.

The Pulse Union only comes in one colour: violet. But it also features five suction modes and intensity lvels. Additionally the toy has a memory function enabling its owners to resume control using the last mode used. Union can be controlled through the Svakom app and it comes with an LED display that coordinates each mode.

The Svakom spokesperson said, »We are incredibly excited for people to experience Pulse Technology; it is something we have put a lot of passion into – working to make a suction toy that offers deeper stimulation.«

If you want to learn more about Svakom, click here.


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