Svakom Offering Cam Performers Guidance On How To Include Smart Sex Toys

Model Class mid Hanna Miller

The US manufacturer of smart sex toys, Svakom, offered a so-called Master Class for Cam Professionals. The course was hosted by the experienced cam model Hanna Miller.

In mid-August Svakom offered a seminar with webcam star Hanna Miller. It took place at the Dann Carlton Medellin Hotel on Aug. 17-18. During the seminar performers could learn how to use smart sex toys in their shows and maximize not only the customer experience but – in the long run – also their income.

A spokesperson for Svakom commented, »The world of cam models is a unique one — there’s a lot that goes into it, and even more if you want to be one of the best. Listening to the talk held by Hanna Miller and seeing the passion she has for the industry was simply amazing, incredibly inspirational.«

With Hanna Miller, Svakom chose an industry veteran and cam star to teach performers on how to maximize the use of sex toys. Svakom stated, »Sex work has been frowned upon in the past, and for a lot of people the stigma is still there. It was refreshing to be in a place where people could talk openly about sex work, their questions, concerns, any possible pitfalls they can avoid. It’s a job, a business, and it certainly requires a lot of dedication.«

Svakom not only sponsored the seminar but also gifted 20 Phoenix Neo Bullet Bluetooth Vibrators. These smart sex toys are part of Svakom’s Connexion Series. Aside from Miller, a Svakom sales rep provided a 20-minute guide into the many features of the Connexion Series.

Svakom seemed happy with the seminar’s result, a spokesperson commented, »People were very interested in the products and everyone was very receptive. Specifically, there was a keen interest in Phoenix Neo primarily due to its plethora of interactive capabilities related to Cam Sites.«

Additional information on Svakom’s Phoenix Neo can be found here.


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