Fun Factory Releases Masturbation Box

Fun Factory Magic Miss Bi Box

FUN FACTORY, CHEEX, and VEDRA – three brands that stand for self-determined, lustful, and playful sexuality – are celebrating Masturbation May together! What this looks like can be seen in a limited product set that looks at masturbation from a holistic perspective and opens up the path to vaginal orgasm for all women.

»Masturbation for Body, Mind & Soul« – these are the keywords behind the MAGIC MASTURBATION BOX, which FUN FACTORY is launching together with Berlin-based start-ups CHEEX and VEDRA just in time for International Masturbation Day on 7 May. The exclusive cooperation between these brands merges many years of expert knowledge and know-how with a fresh new twist to create the best of both worlds. The result is what many women have been waiting for.

Because the fact is: Only very few of them have ever experienced a real vaginal orgasm. It is important to know that a clitoral and a vaginal orgasm are not fundamentally different things. Only the smallest part of the clitoris, the glans, can be stimulated from the outside. The far larger part of the clitoris is formed by its extensions, which lie inside the body and nestle around the vaginal canal. So while the outer clitoris is easy to reach, is stimulated more often, and leads to the so-called clitoral orgasms, the hotspots in the vagina are more hidden and also less trained. But the inner clitoris also plays an important role in the so-called vaginal orgasm.

For intense vaginal climaxes, all you need now are the right tools: a 3-month all-inclusive package of aesthetic adult films and sensual audio stories by CHEEX, the recently released CDB gel by VEDRA and the dual vibrator MISS BI by FUN FACTORY, including a highly effective training course – these are the components of the box that will get your senses in tune while masturbating and awaken your G-zone and nerve endings.

MIND – Getting in the mood

Inspiration for erotic fantasies can be found on CHEEX. Explicit videos, sexy audio stories, and articles about sexuality help you to explore your own desire, stimulate your fantasies and get into the right mood. Whether you like it soft, playful or rather rough – CHEEX offers the perfect stories. There are no advertisements or classified ads on CHEEX, the content is aesthetically pleasing, diverse, fair and guaranteed consensual.

SOUL – Getting into the groove

For more feeling: »THE ESSENTIAL« by VEDRA is an innovative, water-based CBD gel for your private parts. »THE ESSENTIAL« not only provides pleasant lubrication, but the CBD also promotes the natural formation of moisture. With its stimulating, circulation-enhancing effect, it can lead to an increased sensitivity and arousal and thus to even more intense orgasms. But that’s not all: the VEDRA formula can also increase libido and offers high-quality ingredients. It is dermatologically tested, vegan and silicone-free.

BODY – More fun when coming

The mood and excitement are now in place – all that’s missing is the right companion to really get going! Vibrator MISS BI features an impressive girth, two powerful motors, and curves that softly massage the G-spot. The key to training the G-spot is MISS BI’s bendable extension for the outer clitoris, which can be folded away in the blink of an eye if necessary. With the exclusive training based on switching between clitoral and vaginal stimulation, nothing stands in the way of a truly mind-shattering vaginal orgasm.

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