Fun Factory Launching Stronic Petite Mini In The US

Fun Factory Stronic Petite

The German sex toy company Fun Factory is launching its Stronic Petite Mini these days, rounding out its range in the thrusting vibrator segment.

The mini version of the Stronic, which the Bremen-based manufacturer is currently shipping in the US, is the perfect companion for those who like to see their vibrators equipped with a thrust function. The device offers five speeds and three rhythms and can be used hands-free.

According to Fun Factory, the Stronic Petite is »our smallest and lightest pulsator, it can even thrust all by itself. Plus, the tapered tip is quick and easy to insert. Which also makes it great for anyone new to sex toys or pulsators, and people in any stage of menopause«.

According to Bremer, the Stronic Petite »is our smallest pulsator. It thrusts back and forth all by itself – no handholding required! At the heart of this mini pulsator is a powerful FUN FACTORY motor surrounded by 100 % body-friendly materials.«

For more information about the Stronic Petite, visit the manufacturer’s website.


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