Dame Products Raises More Capital

Assembled Brands

The successful U.S. start-up Dame Products was able to secure additional capital of $1 million from the investment company Assembled Brands. This will allow further growth of the sex-toy manufacturer in the near future.

The company Dame Products, founded by the two entrepreneurs Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman, can hardly complain about a lack of attention. From morning television to glossy magazines and business news, almost everywhere the little start-up of the two got friendly coverage. This is of course also due to the fact that Fine and Lieberman belong to the dazzling circle of the loosely-knit group »Women in Sex-Tech«. But also because of their clever PR work.

After the departure of Janet Lieberman in the spring of 2020, the two founders probably also split up economically. Perhaps that was also the reason why Dame Products was in need of fresh capital. Anyway, with Assembled Brands, Alexandra Fine is gaining experienced brand investors as new partners.

The brands cooperating with Assembled Brands include companies from a wide range of industries such as Uhuru (designer furniture), Felix Gray (eyewear) and Buffy (interior design), Ash & Erie (men’s fashion), Juneshine (beverages), Wandering Bear (coffee) and QALO (jewelry).

JoBeth Abecassis of Assembled Brands commented on the deal: »We’re thrilled to support Dame and its vision to expand access to sexual wellness and human intimacy. We loved the team’s focus on building a tight-knit customer community paired with top-tier educational resources.«

According to the financier Assembled Brands, the company also appreciated Dame Products’ activist efforts and initiatives, including political protests, local education campaigns, its own research on female sexuality and educational work.

Alexandra Fine, who will continue to serve as CEO of Dame Products, said, »We’re so excited to partner with Assembled Brands, as they share our passion for human-centered design and support our vision for Dame’s next phase of growth. We’re also in great company within their community of brand partners.«

For more information on Assembled Brands, please click here. The website of Dame Products can be accessed via this link.


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